about us

ABLE Charity first came together back in 1993 as a Grassroots environmental action group. It was founded as a direct consequence from a lack of protection and a voice, for Lamma’s environment. A campaign was launched to stop the reclamation of a beautiful beach on the island which resulted in a success story that led to the official registration of the group as a charity with the Hong Kong government where it remains so to this very day.

The charity has had a colourful history with a considerable amount of success, yet has always chosen to keep a low profile in the grand scheme of things to just get on with it.

The Vision

The Lamma Forest is a natural resource for all generations present and future, one whose value will increase in the years to come.

The land currently has no adequate protection so the vision is to rezone the land into a Conservation Area (CA) thereby safe guarding it for the future.

The Lamma Forest is a gift for one and all to enjoy.

Our Mission

We want to raise awareness about a fundamental integral link between people and ecology. They are one and the same, yet our modern lifestyle inadvertently separated as well as distanced humans from their environments. This has had serious consequences which have become quite obvious today, but less so in the early 1990’s of Hong Kong. Leading ABLE charity to be assume the responsibility of implementing change through direct action and by setting examples that inspire change in the behaviour, lifestyles and habits of people.

Short history

The history of ABLE charity begins in early 1993 with an unlikely named predecessor charity by the name of The Lamma Beautification Society (LBS) that was set up to combat a massive reclamation of a scenic beach. Today this beach known as Power Station Beach is a prime destination for Lamma locals. The success of this campaign galvanised a dormant environmental energy on the island that had almost disappeared after having been active in the mid to late 80’s by another generation of concerned residents.

In late 1993, Bobsy was asked to join the charity as there was an urgent need to pull in more members to raise awareness about the shocking news that the Hong Kong government was planning to reclaim the charming and picturesque Yung Shue Wan harbour.

This was proposed in two phases, where phase one was being pushed forwards under most residents noses as it had the support of the local political party and powers that be. So upon joining the LBS one of our most urgent tasks was to let the public know about this irrevocable act of concretizing our beautiful harbour. Shortly after that Bobsy was voted as the chairman of the charity and one of his first leadership acts was to change the name to ABLE Charity.