April 24th, 1998

Following on from the success of the first tree planting in the Forest the previous year we were empowered, excited ready to go with another one. April has traditionally been the tree planting window in Hong Kong for planting trees and so we set about planting another 1000 trees over a sunny and hot weekend. We pretty much repeated the process we had learnt form the first event and before we knew it another 1000 babes had been sunk in to the land. A picture was slowly starting to emerge of the potential of what can be one day.

Luck was on our side as out of nowhere the government decides to plant thousands of trees on the same land. Low and behold suddenly thousands of trees join our two thousand pioneer species and as if by magic there is now a forest, all be it of baby trees that were barely visible from a distance. This single act made a world of a difference. It was a much needed boost to our efforts and suddenly gave us the momentum to confidently plough ahead and boldly say that we are “planting a forest”

Earth Day Tree Planting

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Earth Day Tree Planting

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