First Planting

First tree planting day in the Lamma Forest

The task was to plant 1, 000 trees for Lamma, 500 on the 25th and 500 on the 26th.

We had never planted this many trees in one go before and our experience was pretty limited.

The land was hard and the soil was brittle, luckily there had been a little rain a few days earlier and so we had a little help from Mother Nature. We mobilized the Lamma community in the days leading up to the tree plant and had generated a lot of enthusiasm amongst the volunteers.

The three key people from ABLE Charity who shouldered the bulk of the planning and organisation were Tobias Forster, Karen Sylvester & Bobsy.

The two day operation was a success and the foundations of the Forest were laid …

Original land

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Hills of Lamma before being reforested

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