the birth of ABLE

The Lamma Forest is born with the vision of creating a forest on the scenic northern hills of Lamma Island in what was (and is today) one of the island’s most beautiful spots. 15 minute walk from Yung Shue Wan and a forty-minute journey from Central, the scenic yet barren hills of Northern Lamma between Po Wah Yuen and Pak Kok are chosen as the site of THE LAMMA FOREST PROJECT. The proximity to Yung Shue Wan and  rich flora and fauna in the near-by valleys makes this an ideal area to be reforested. The vision is to unite all the valleys with forestland creating one large eco-system with Lamma Island’s largest fresh water stream and swamp land running through it.

“By creating a forest, hope is given. By planting a forest, life is enriched. By setting a living example, people can see and feel the greening of the Earth & thereby empowering proactive change within & without themselves.” Bobsy


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