Tree Planting Day

The Lamma Forest is growing…on saturday the 10th of May the Lamma community came out in force to take part in the ongoing reforestation of the scenic hills of their island. It was good to see so many families up on the hills and such an eclectic mix of people enjoying the fresh easterly winds and the hot sunshine. Most people were up there for the first time and it was quite rewarding to see the delight on their faces as the realization of how well the forest is doing and as the beauty of its location dawned on them.

As always the day had its challenges and its heroes. The reward of completing the task: all 500 trees safely tucked away in the rich soil of their new home overlooking the scenic hills, valleys and sea of lamma island.

All the trees planted were native Hong Kong trees rich in seeds, flowers and fruits. Indigenous species that will attract birds and other wild life in the coming years. Thanks to the efforts of Lamma people and the Government the total number of trees planted in the one area has climbed to 15, 500. We estimate another 10, 000 trees can be planted in and around the forest which stretches from Po Wah Yuen in the south to Pak Kok in the north and from Tai Ping in the East to the coast in the West, covering some of the most picturesque scenes of our beautiful island.

The species of trees were selected by experts from the Kadoorie Botanical Farm and Gardens KFBG to blend in with the local ecology. We planted 50 trees from each species.

For ABLE Charity the challenge does not stop here. The trees need to be cared for especially in their initial stages by watering them as frequently as possible and that is quite a challenge as there is no water up in the hills. The task also requires walking up and down with heavy water back packs… We will be organizing forest maintenance days which will include pruning, weeding and clean ups etc… And that is how the forest grows with love, vision and commitment.

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