Tree Planting

Tree Planting Day.

The sounds of Lamma’s nature never cease to amaze. While walking over hills and through the forest, you can hear the wide range of bird calls, the shrieks of cicadas being disturbed in the branches, frogs honking for mates and… pick axes?

Yes, the tree planters are out in force again up in the so-called “Lamma Forest” high up above Pak Kok Village. Lawyers and staff from the Linklaters legal firm plus a good number of Lammaites and Good-Friends-of-Bobsy were out in force to plant even more saplings up in the Lamma Forest. The lawyers seem to have had a great time, happy to be out of the office, out in nature and out of Central’s smog. There was quite a bit of enjoying nature and even (modest) frolicking involved….

But all trees have been planted successfully in the end. Mission accomplished and it was all done on a Saturday and for FREE, which is really great when considering that some of these guys usually charge up to several thousand dollars per hour. Many thanks to everybody involved for a great job well and cheerfully done!


Preparing to Plant

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